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EP “Hauszeit” out now!

In October 2018, under the pseudonym haensel, I took a one month hiatus from work to create some music on my own. For this, I stuffed as much music equipment and instruments as possible into my car and drove to my hometown Bad Windsheim. There, in an old sheep farm I built up a project studio where I could work for the limited time that I had.

The only constraint I put on the project was, that every musical idea that came up had to be finished. Thus, I didn’t take home any semi-finished songs or simply a bunch of ideas but only finished songs which turned out to be six in total.

The product, the EP Hauszeit is a melancholic mixture between Electronica and Indie featuring four guest vocalists from Germany and Austria. On the single Supersafe, I contributed the vocals myself.

It is available since December 19th 2020! Find it at haenselmusic.com! Also, order a limited edition of 99 vinyl at haensel.bandcamp.com!

Article: Windsheimer Zeitung, January 2021