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Electroacoustics Engineer,

Musician and Music Producer

Hannes Dieterle – photo credits Emanuel A. Klempa


Since 2016, Hannes is an engineer for Electroacoustics in the development department at Schoeps Mikrofone. As a side business he is working as a musician, sound engineer and music producer for different projects. Next to his solo studio project haensel, he often can be seen on stage with the Munich based Monika Roscher Bigband on Live Electronics.


Hannes’ interests have always been somewhere between engineering, audio technology and music. Since he could never decide on just one of those fields, he tried to combine those elements in his education.

2013 – 2016MSc. (Dipl.-Ing.) Electrical Audio Engineering at TU and iem Graz, Austria
2009 – 2013BSc. Electrical Audio Engineering at TU and iem Graz, Austria
2007 – 2009Undergraduate degree in Life Science Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
2006 – 2007Diploma at Bass School Munich, Germany
2005A-levels at Georg-Wilhelm-Steller-Gymnasium Bad Windsheim, Germany

Hannes plays a variety of musical instruments. Bass guitar, violin, double bass, guitar and piano are the ones he spent the most time with.

Early Years

Hannes was born in Stuttgart in 1985 and grew up in a small town called Bad Windsheim in Franconia, Germany. There he lived until the age of 21 until his A-levels and community service in a local hospital.

Since the age of five he started to play music. Noteworthy are 10 years of violin lessons, concerts with different orchestras and choirs as well as several band projects where Hannes mainly played the bass guitar.